fractint gif files

music trax by DEFCON1

these gif images are made to be seen/explored with fractint

FRACT .GIF files

dark matter


il libro verde pdf


in solidarietà al popolo libico sotto i vigliacchi bombardamenti della vigliacca nato, offriamo alla vostra attenzione le migliori parole scritte da un mediocre colonnello

Svarion Karza

Svarion Karza skratch (rec: 2 set 2010)


The official adventures of rick dance in Vasto

foto: Gnapgirl (2010)


Flex artworks

THEE A (plastic decollage)

untitled (painting)

sea landscape (painting)

the game of life (stencil)

other images here:

flex —

2000 maniax ftp

new index of the 2000 maniax ftp site

take a look at it here:

how you like me now

My secret weapon:  the  mpc2000 classic (with 3,5″ floppy drive!).

This machine is dope!

2000 schematics

this is what i do in this days…

handmade flogger

handmade flogger and photo by Flex (feb 2010)

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